National Agroclimate Information Service

Agri-Geomatics is Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada’s (AAFC’s) service for providing geospatial products and services in support of the Canadian agricultural industry.

In 2011, SpatialBridge worked with AAFC to modernize the Agri-Geomatics technology framework. We developed a system architecture based on ArcGIS® Server 10, using patterns of system architecture and web application architecture supported by ArcGIS.  Within the target architecture, ArcGIS Server became the platform for geospatial data storage (in Oracle), geoprocessing, interactive web mapping, and document generation.

The National Agroclimate Information Service (NAIS) uses the Agri-Geomatics framework to provide products and services for programs such as Drought Watch. SpatialBridge worked with AAFC to design a modernized NAIS mapping system using the target Agri-Geomatics framework. This included defining geoprocessing services and web mapping services for ArcGIS Server to collect and transform agroclimate sensor data into web maps and PDF map documents.

The updated NAIS mapping system design demonstrated that, by standardizing on ArcGIS 10 and by using patterns of system and application architectures supported by ArcGIS, AAFC could significantly reduce the costs of maintaining the Agri-Geomatics system and of implementing new applications based on the system.