Department of National Defence

SpatialBridge worked with DND to develop a system architecture for distributing geospatial information sets within an operational deployment. As a result, DND was able to make more efficient use of hardware assets and software licenses, to simplify the process of distributing geospatial information, and to reduce the cost and complexity of developing new applications to support intelligence, planning, and operations.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

SpatialBridge worked with AAFC to modernize a system architecture for generating and distributing geospatial agroclimate products. AAFC was able to reduce the size and complexity of the system by maximizing the use of ArcGIS Server within the system, eliminating redundant systems and components. We were also able to demonstrate that the updated system architecture reduced the costs of developing new applications in support of the Canadian agriculture industry.


United States Special Operations Command

With Brockwell IT Consulting, SpatialBridge worked with USSOCOM to review and update a process for distributing and editing geospatial datasets. The result was a simplified process, lower costs to distribute geospatial datasets, and a more effective use of existing technology assets.


SpatialBridge developed a geospatial and aeronautical information model to facilitate NAV CANADA’s aeronautical data management modernization. This information model allowed NAV CANADA to exchange aeronautical information more efficiently both internally and externally, resulted in documented processes and better communication of and about aeronautical data, and improved data quality compliance.



With Brockwell IT Consulting, SpatialBridge provided technical guidance to Autodesk on implementing the 64-bit FDO provider for ArcGIS. Our input resulted in better application performance for end users and more complete support of Esri geodatabase functionality within AutoCAD Map 3D.


Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

With BluMetric, SpatialBridge worked with INAC to integrate a large Oracle database with ArcGIS. The result was an ArcGIS application extension that allowed end users to edit and query data in the Oracle database using ArcGIS, in ways that they had not previously been able.